Architect Mark Anthony C. Castillon


I am a Freelance Architect with 8 years of work experience in marketing Architectural Services, Specializes in 3d Architectural Perspective Renderings , Architectural Reprography & Large Format Printing( ). Diligent reader of manuals and technical data. Has a burning passion in the study of Traditional and modern ways of printing.

  • Outsourced Architectural reprography and visualization services to Cashew Groove Beach Resort located at Palawan ”April 2011 Salon de Rose , Rose Pharmacy Inc. See portfolio

  • Elected as Director for activities and Events (United Architects of the Philippines, Rajah Humabon Chapter)

  • Provided Consultation to General Contractors regarding building layout and design. Preparation of contract documents for contract letting, Building permits and bill of materials .
    Outsourced Architectural Reprography , Large Format Printing & Blueprinting services to General Contractors , Architects and Engineers.

  • Has provided production of blueprints to LS Design , Fa Builders , Loren Builders and many more